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Monday, November 22, 2010

Operating System

Several researchers claim the "record" for the largest single calculation ever perfomed. One large single calculation was accomplished by physicists at IBM in 1995. They solved one million trillion mathematical sub-problems by continuously running 448 computers for two years. Their analysis demonstrated the existence of a previously hypothetical subatomic particle called a glueball. Japan, Italy, and the United States are collaborating to develop new supercomputer that will run these types of calculations 100 times faster.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Units 1: Definition of personal computer and computer system


Personal Computer(PC) machine capable of performing calculations and instruction quickly and repetitively.Designed to be used by a single person at a time, a PC is generally smaller, less expensive and easier to use than supercomputers, mainframe computers, and computer workstations, which usually have more computational power than a PC.The PC on the other hand, is generally larger and more powerful than handheld computers, including personal digital assistants (PDAs) and gaming devices.

    PCs have revolutionized entertainment, science, the media, art, medicine, education, and business because they provide computational abilities at low cost to people with no extensive programming experience.PCs enable artists to envision and manipulate images.Musicians use them for learning, creating and recording music.Businesses track finance and forecast company performance using PCs.News report can compose news stories on portable PCs, called laptops and electronically submit these stories from remote locations.Many people work at home and communicate with fellow workers via their PCs in a practice known as telecommuting.PCs are also able to interface with worldwide communication networks, such as the Internet and the graphics-based information database known as the World Wide Web, to find and send information on any subject.